10 Kenyan Startups accepted to FoundersBoost 2021 Fall Program

Out of 46 complete startup applications, 10 managed to be accepted to the FoundersBoost 2021 Fall Program after a rigorous evaluation process.

FoundersBoost is a global tech pre-accelerator focused on boosting founder outcomes by helping them prepare for accelerators, investment, and revenue.

Annually, the program carries out two pre-accelerator programs, which are mentor-driven and run for 6-weeks each. The programs run concurrently in several regions around the world, including the USA, Canada, Europe & Africa.

The Startups now in the FoundersBoost 2021 Fall Program from Kenya are:

  1. Farm Fanatics
  2. Nasi Kenya
  3. Under 1K Store
  4. Tech Educate Africa
  5. Duhqa
  6. Holby Training Solutions
  7. Teleeza
  8. Amazing Grace Centre Kenya
  9. Alika Naturals
  10. Crunch the Numbers


During the six weeks, founders will go through an induction session and virtual mentorship programs thereafter on the topics:

  1. Customer Development
  2. Pitch And Presentation Skills
  3. Market Sizing
  4. Building Products that Matter
  5. Venture Funding and Accelerators

You can register here for the programs’ waitlist. Once applications go live for the next cohorts that take place each year in the Spring and Fall you will get advanced access to begin your full application.

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