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2nd World Innovation Forum Digital Conference | 2020

The 2nd World Innovation Forum Digital Conference will be a 3 day all online event held from June 23rd – 25th 2020. The event expects to attract 2,000 attendees from over 40 countries – Everyone from Entrepreneurs & Corporate Innovators, to Investors, Angels & VCs; Mentors, Hub Providers, Schools, Government representatives right down to local WIForum ambassadors, their teams & volunteers.

Conference Topics

  1. How innovation is shifting from the 1 Billion people in developed nations to the needs, dreams, opportunities & challenges of the 6 Billion people in developing nations.
  2. What is the new landscape of opportunity
  3. How young entrepreneurs from emerging countries innovate and think. Why they may build the future for all of us.
  4. How to finance innovative startups in emerging nations? Opportunities and risks in startup investments.
  5. Why Women should consider stopping ‘female’ entrepreneurship – “We are entrepreneurs, period”.
  6. How the upcoming generation of roughly 1 billion graduates from emerging nations from around the world will stand in front of a non existing local job market and venture into the global industry space?
  7. Global talent shortage – yes or no?
  8. WIForum Strategy: We wants to inspire and work with top entrepreneurs from selected developing nations, to bring their respective countries to prosperity and independence by the end of this decade.

Kenya is among the countries presenting at the forum, it’s team led by Kenya’s WiForum Country Ambassador Eunice Nyandat.

Eunice Nyandat Selected As WIForum Ambassador For Kenya

You can watch the webinar by registering on this link: https://swwekenya/events/2nd-wiforum-digital-conference-2020/

Interested in more information or being part of The WIForum Kenya Community? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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