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world innovations day

Celebrating World Innovations Day

Imagination turns into Innovation

Join World Innovation Forum’s online event, Open Innovation – What is it? and Why should you pursue it?

April 21, 2021

  • Introduction to the Ingenuity Cup and World Innovations Day
  • Introducing top innovation teams from around the world
  • During this online event, we will discuss with some experts and you:
    • Imagination and innovation. A perfect pairing
    • Why nobody will be able to copy the disruptive ideas of the teams
    • How is an open innovation project organized
    • Intellectual property ruling in an open innovation project
    • Ingenuity Cup: An open innovation challenge
  • Q & A and closing remarks
  • Next steps in the Ingenuity Cup Contest
    • How you can follow their progress over the next 40 days
    • How you could learn from the public open project
    • How you could still join the competition
    • The award ceremony on June 22


You may want to send us your questions ahead of the event so we can address them.

This online event is aimed at everyone who wants to participate in the World Innovations Day event. Join to get inspired by a completely new way of innovative thinking and bring it into your company. Learn to turn imagination into innovation.

Register - 9:00 am CET Register - 5:00 pm CET


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