Innovation Lab Partnership

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Looking to build a startup or innovation program within your organization? We can work with you to create and deliver a fully functional innovation lab framework so you have what you need to transform and remain competitive in the market.

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Here's What We Can Do For You

Domain Authority

Provide expert trainers & mentors for your innovation lab

We provide programme, workstream or technical leaders to fill leadership roles within your innovation lab & either train your staff to take over, or remain onboard to steer the programs

Hybrid Team

Take on a full ‘delivery partner’ role

Our implementation experts complement your own resources and work alongside you to get your programmes delivered

Plan For Success

Help you set up your most complex change programmes for success

For established organizations, the fluidity required to implement an Innovation lab might be more complex than anything they’ve taken on before, at least internally. We provide expert advice on how to manage risk and plan for successful delivery

Manage A Portfolio

Establish effective portfolio management

We help you shape a portfolio of initiatives that adjusts your strategic ambitions – and manage it effectively so you achieve your larger business goals supported by the innovation lab.

Optimize For Efficiency

Make your lab projects delivery more efficient and reliable

Seen some promising innovation lab projects? Whether you want to achieve rapid deployment or work progressively towards ‘delivery excellence’, we’ll help get you there.

Gather Feedback

Monitor & Evaluate the entire process

We’ll provide the framework & tools to monitor & evaluate the program’s process, highlight what’s working & report on what can be improved so you have a clear roadmap on which efforts created the desired output, outcome & impact in line with your desired goals.

Our Plans

Pick Our Brain

  • 3 (1-Hour) Meetings
  • Planning Template
  • Campaign Template

Program Design

  • Everything in Essential
  • 3 (1-hour) Sessions with Your Team
  • Program Guide
  • M&E Template
  • Sample Curriculum
  • List Of Vetted Subject Matter Experts

Launch A Program

  • Everything in Program Design
  • Recruit Experts
  • Signup Attendees Online
  • Train Your Team (Half-Day Training)
  • Venue Selection
  • Vendor Vetting
  • Design Marketing Campaign

Manage Entire Program

  • Everything in Launch A Program
  • Added Publicity
  • Signup Attendees Online
  • Onsite Event Management
  • Bespoke Training Material
  • Additional Speakers
  • Additional Mentors
  • M&E Report Creation
  • Post Event Debrief

Ready To Get Started?

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